Climate and Health Alliance

Established in late 2019, the Irish Climate and Health Alliance was formed in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that requires radical new thinking and major shifts in how we organise our lives and our impact on the environment.

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In early May 2019 Ireland became the second country in the world to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency. If we are to become an effective and credible voice for change globally we have to lead from the front in terms of action here in Ireland. To date, the debate around the climate crisis has focused on the environmental destruction being wrought and very little spoken of the significant links between climate change and health. The Irish Climate and Health Alliance campaigns for immediate action to tackle the unfolding climate crisis and its direct impact it will have on public health.

Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance is a broad alliance of public health NGO’s, professional bodies, and academic institutions that share a common goal in advocating for urgent government action in addressing the issue of climate change and its direct impact on public health.

We aim to achieve this by:

Empowering professionals

Empowering health professionals to campaign for better responses to climate change within the health sector

Engaging decision makers

Engaging with decision makers to strengthen policies that both protect public health and promote the health benefits from tackling the climate crisis

Urge the government now to act on climate change to avoid the irreversible adverse human and planetary consequences.

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