Who are we?
The Irish Climate and Health Alliance is made up of a number of public health organisations and advocacy groups from around the island of Ireland. The alliance currently has seventeen members, including the Irish Heart Foundation, the Royal College of Physicians and the National Children’s Hospital. If your public health or advocacy group believes more action is required to address the escalating climate crisis and the consequential health crisis then please contact us today at info@climateandhealthalliance.ie

Core Principles
The Alliance seeks to highlight the enormous public health harms that arise from climate change while emphasising the significant health benefits that can be unlocked by tackling global warming; provide a platform for health professionals and organisations to act; and advocate for greater government action in addressing the climate crisis so that the health benefits are attained. Climate change is a social justice issue and the Alliance will campaign to reverse the health inequalities that are rooted in both environmental and socioeconomic factors.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Raising public awareness of the links between health and climate change
  • Empowering health professionals to campaign for better responses to climate change within the health sector.
  • Engaging with decision makers to strengthen policies that both protect public health and realise the health benefits from tackling the climate crisis


Global Climate and Health Alliance
The Irish Climate and Health Alliance are members of the Global Climate and Health Alliance, a coalition of of health NGOs, health professional organizations, and health and environment alliances from around the world.