Health & Climate Change
Our planet is undergoing a period of unprecedented environmental collapse, triggered and accelerated by human activity. Air pollution, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification and deforestation are wreaking havoc on planetary health as a consequence of the unfolding climate crisis.

Climate change and human health is interconnected in a myriad of complex ways that is often overlooked. Although climate change underpins all the social and environmental determinants of health, addressing it can also produce incredibly positive implications that must not be disregarded.

Ireland is already experiencing a rise in the number and intensity of extreme weather events such as floods, storms, and even droughts, harming the health of the public and in turn putting extra pressure on an already strained health service.

As an alliance of public health and advocacy bodies, it is our responsibility to promote the public health element of climate change and campaign for greater action to tackle this unparalleled climate crisis.


Climate Action and the Health Benefits
By implementing the urgent changes required now to protect our planets future generations, we are concurrently improving our health and wellbeing.

Not only will reducing greenhouse gases, phasing out polluting vehicles, adopting more sustainable plant-based diets, and encouraging greater levels of active travel contribute in halting and even reversing climate change, it will simultaneously improve public health by cleaning the air we breathe, making us more physical active and reducing the impact of illness-related diseases.